Frequently Asked Questions

How does PROST work?

The concept of PROST is really simple: choose any bar in the app, have a look at the selection of free drinks that the bar offers, select the free drink, show the drink screen to the barkeeper, and let him confirm your choice with a tab on the button on your smartphone.

After having received your free drink, you cannot claim another drink until noon of the next day, also not in other bars.

Can I go to the same bar every day?

You can choose between one of our partner bars every day. However, hopping into the same bar is limited to five times per month. We recommend to check out all the bars and encourage you to explore new venues and drinks.

How much is the PROST subscription and what are accepted payment methods?

The PROST subscription is $14.99 per month, for which you can get up to 31 drinks.

Accepted payment methods are Credit and Debit Card, as well as PayPal.

If I register in the middle of a month, do I “lose“ half a month of my subscription?

No, of course you don’t. Whenever you register, your personal payment cycle starts. That means: if you register on the 15th of a month, your subscription runs until the 15th of the next month and then renews itself automatically.

What kind of drinks are offered on PROST?

It is up to our partner bars to choose what drinks they would like to offer for free. Check out the different bars in the PROST app to see their selection of drinks. The variety ranges from cocktails to long drinks, beer, wine, liquor and non-alcoholic beverages.

After subscribing, how long does it take until I can claim my first free drink?

You can get your first free drink immediately after subscribing. As soon as you have created an account and verified your payment details you are good to go and can start toasting with your mates.

What happens with my data?

Your data won’t be shared with third parties and bars will only get anonymized data. That means that bars get the information what has been ordered but not who ordered.

Is there a minimum duration for my subscription?

No. You can cancel your subscription anytime through the app by just one click or through contacting us through Please keep in mind that deleting the app from your phone does not automatically lead to a cancellation of your subscription.

Why do bars participate at PROST?

For bars, PROST is a good opportunity to advertise their venue and to attract new customers. Bars will of course appreciate if you stay after your free drink, enjoy some more beverages or some food.

Should I tell my friends about PROST?

Yes, absolutely! If you share your referral code, which you can find in your app, with your friends, both you and your friends can benefit from it. Your friends get their first month for free and you can also earn free months for your PROST subscription.

In which cities is PROST available?

So far you can enjoy free drinks only in venues in Sydney.

What can I do if my favorite bar or pub is not yet in the list of PROST partner venues?

Just shoot us an email (, telling us why you think we should include this bar in our PROST community and we will have a look at it.

You would like to work for PROST?

If you like what we are doing, you are a social character, and you enjoy going out with your mates to catch up on some drinks, get in touch with us (

Where can I find more resources on responsible drinking?

PROST encourages social drinking and fosters the spirit of a good community, however, we oppose irresponsible drinking behavior. Please find further information on responsible drinking on the following sites:

Or call the 24-hour hotline of the Alcohol Drug Information Services: 02 9361 8000 (Sydney) or 1800 422 599 (NSW regional and rural).

I am a bar owner myself, can I become a Prost partner bar?

Yes, you can simply write us an email with the name of your bar to and we will get back to you.